Why you need this hardwood flooring selection guide

Why you need this hardwood flooring selection guide

All wood flooring up levels the look of your home, but choosing one isn't just a matter of selecting a color. Although there are hundreds of species from which to choose, you also need to think about hardness levels, grain patterns, and stains and finishes. Following are questions you should ask yourself when shopping for wood floors at our hardwood flooring company.

Do you want solid hardwood flooring or engineered wood floors?

We all know that solid wood's moisture issues and engineered is taking over a significant share of the wood flooring industry. Simply, it appeals to those who want beauty and practicality. On the surface, the two look similar; with engineered, you can still have oak, maple, hickory floors, or whatever your species of choice is. Engineered construction is different, however, giving it more stability and a better ability to handle water.

Do you want a domestic or exotic species?

Hardwood is harvested either within North America or in Brazil, Africa, Indonesia, and Southeast Asia. The domestics are warmer and more traditional, while the exotics are darker, more dramatic, and very hard.

Do you have a preferred grain pattern?

Logs are cut three ways, all of which offer different grain patterns. Plain-sawn is the most traditional, with patterns that billow and provide little peaks and valleys called cathedrals. Rift-sawn planks have long, straight grains with no cathedrals. Finally, quarter-sawn boards are a mixture of plain and rift-sawn with linear grain with some irregular figuring that hits the boards.

What plank width do you prefer?

Currently, wide planks are trending; they are more traditional and are better able to show off knots and other details, but they can make a small room look smaller. Some compromise with a pattern of mixed, random widths.

Think about finishing

The first question is whether you want factory (pre-finished) or on-site finishing. Some prefer pre-finished because they know right away what they are getting, and there's no mess or odors. Others go for on-site because there's a greater variety of colors and sheens, offering more control over the style. Also, decide if you want a water-based, oil, or polyurethane finish.

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