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Terms and Conditions


Conditions Of Sale Contract Terms Are As Follows:

American Dream Flooring and Tile will be noted as "ADFT" throughout this document. The "Customer" within this document shall be the person whom accepts a quotation for the installation of the goods and work from ADFT. The customer shall read these terms and conditions thoroughly before agreeing to any services offered by ADFT. By agreeing to the services offered the customer is agreeing to these Terms and Conditions. If the customer has any confusion over any of the terms and conditions, the customer must then clarify such confusion before they agree to the services.

1. Estimates are honored for 30 days.
2. American Dream Flooring & Tile (ADFT) Requires a minimum of ½ of the total invoice paid up front by the customer in order to initiate the project.
3. Final payment is due on the day of installation, unless otherwise stated.
4. Invoices not paid in full are void of Warranty on Labor Performed.
5. If the customer fails to pay ADFT the balance of the completed invoice within 15 days, ADFT reserves the right to assess a 1.5% late fee, accruing monthly.
6. All costs and quotes by ADFT are based on service crews working regular hours, Monday through Saturday between 9AM-5PM.
7. Costs are subject to verification or site remeasure where applicable.
8. Restock fees’ for returned items are billed at 25%.
9. ADFT recommends any and all items deemed valuable by the customer to be removed from the work area(s). ADFT is not responsible for damaged or missing personal items or electronics. Damage to personal property are covered by Sub-Contractor Insurance and reimbursed through an Approved Claims process.
10. Grievances that may arise due to Customer's Personal Property do not substantiate withholding of final payment of Contracted Work.
11. Unless otherwise specified by ADFT, the customer will be expected to clear all work areas of objects that could be deemed unsafe or hazardous, so the service team(s) can complete their work in a safe environment.
12. ADFT is not responsible for leaks that may occur due to moving appliances, sinks, or toilets in order to complete installations. It is the customers responsibility to assure all Plumbing & Electric in their home is in proper working order prior to and after ADFT is hired. If any Plumbing or Electric is deemed unfit by ADFT it must be corrected at the customers expense.
13. ADFT’s quote includes work as detailed only. Any changes to the original contract will be agreed upon in writing and paid in full prior to completion. Any changes to the original contract are not required to be rectified and are at the discretion of ADFT.
14. If the customer finds any work unsatisfactory, the customer agrees to immediately notify ADFT by phone at 919-213-8068 or via email at to give ADFT ample time to resolve or discuss areas of concern.
15. ADFT may, at times, send multiple and different crews at ADFT’s discretion, for job completion.
16. Rescheduled installation trips by customers due to events beyond the control of ADFT will be billed at $125 daily.
17. Standards of quality are subject to industry standards and tolerances and not at the customers discretion.
18. Any attempt to solicit ADFT subcontractors for work to be performed at any time for a customer without the consent of ADFT is considered breach of contract and will result in any outstanding invoice balances to be paid in full before the completion of any outstanding services.
19. ADFT reserves the right to change these terms and conditions from time to time.
20. The customer has the right to cancel this agreement within 3 business days from the date of execution. The customer must notify ADFT by signing this intent to cancel request and returning it via mail to 308-D Sherwee Drive, Raleigh, NC 27603.


I ____________________________________________wish to cancel this sale and contract.